Training programmes

SwimBritain is all about getting active, and whether you’ve registered for a SwimBritain event already this year or are still recruiting your team, be sure to check out our bespoke training programmes to help improve your fitness level and swimming ability.

The 20 session training cards, or Accelerator Programme, provide a detailed training plan which can help structure each of your training sessions, from warm up right through to cool down. The Accelerator Programme provides stroke based tips, advice on how to use floats to improve your training, as well as distance based and stroke rate challenges.

Whether you’re new to swimming or swim regularly, these cards together with our helpful videos, will help you structure your training, keep you motivated along your journey and provide fun challenges to get you into peak shape to SwimBritain.

Beginner - 400m - 700m Intermediate - 800m - 1150m
Card 1 Card 9
Card 2 Card 10
Card 3 Card 11
Card 4 Card 12
Card 5 Card 13
Card 6 Card 14
Card 7  
Card 8  
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Advanced - 1200m - 1400m
Card 15
Card 16
Card 17
Card 18
Card 19
Card 20
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